Seguridad (seh-goo-ree-dahd)>noun

1.(absence of danger) safety, safeness
2. (protection) security
3. (stability) security
4. (sureness) certainty, conviction
5. (assurance) confidence -ORIGIN Spanish, literally ‘security’

There are two pathways for Seguridad, our attachment and developmental trauma assessment: Seguridad for the Family, and Seguridad for School. Both of these can be supported by a series of therapeutic consultations.

Seguridad for the Family – a specialist assessment that can be funded by the ASGSF

The aim of Seguridad for the Family is to identify the key areas of development that have been impacted by developmental trauma and disrupted attachment, and to recommend ways forward to support these identified areas of vulnerability for the child or young person. It results in three reports, including a therapeutic support plan which encompasses next steps, signposting, resources and many ideas and strategies.

Seguridad for Education – an assessment that can be funded by the Virtual School and Pupil Premium

Seguridad for Education looks at the areas of regulation (including physical development as well as physical and emotional regulation), relating (emotional and relational development), and reason (executive function). It brings an Attachment Aware and Trauma Responsive lens to the child’s past and current presentation and difficulties culminating in three reports covering the child’s story, a developmental trauma profile, and a range of known attachment-aware, trauma-responsive, creative tools and strategies that support both regulation and relationship in an individual map towards recovery. The reports provide support, advice and guidance for the team around the child in the education context, as well as at home. This assessment draws on the Team Pupil and Key Adult model developed by Louise Michelle Bomber.

Seguridad for Education also includes a follow-up consultation to support the teams in school and at home implement the map towards recovery, as well as providing further help and guidance if needed.

From the point of view of a parent:

Seguridad was a fantastic activity to give us the big picture and then breakdown where our daughter came from versus where she is now. It has given us a solid foundation to build on both at home and in terms of thinking about next steps in terms of therapeutic access for her and us.

The report sits in a really good place where it doesn’t go into all the details / specifics of the past but does frame really nicely why our daughter reacts the way she does in certain situations. We feel that this will be a massive help to everyone who will be involved in our daughter’s care – from family / close friends to teachers and therapists going forward and most importantly it will give our daughter consistency in the approach that people take with her.

I think for all parents we are always on a journey with so many routes in front of us and it can be difficult to work out which way you should go whilst always having that nagging question over whether you have taken the right turns so far – Seguridad is a great way of being able to step back and see your journey / where you are right now, we think it is going to be an invaluable activity for us that has helped us map out our next steps both at home/school and with what future support and therapeutic interventions that we will explore. The advice / support during the follow up sessions were also amazing and opened us up to lots of new ideas/strategies. We are also really enthusiastic about everyone involved with our daughter’s care having a consistent approach / understanding which we believe will only benefit her going forward.

It has been both an insightful / thought provoking process whilst also making next steps and future actions clearer. For parents starting out or not sure where to go / what to do next this is a great activity.