HOLD ME TIGHT for parents/carers

Parenting puts tremendous pressure upon a couples’ relationship with one another. Hold Me Tight supports committed couples to improve communication and connection with one another. Those attending may just want to deepen trust and intimacy within their relationship, or they may also be struggling in some way, maybe arguing or growing distant.

Hold Me Tight is an attachment based programme designed by Sue Johnson to support us to go deeper, building firm foundations needed for our attachment to strengthen so we can thrive and bring our relationships back to life, if we have been struggling. The workshops are open to all couples in long term, committed relationships, of all races, religious and sexual orientations. It is not suitable for those who are now separated. Emotional health warning:

The HMT programme can be a prelude, but not a substitute, for individual or couples’ therapy. If you or your partner are experiencing acute relationship distress, serious depression or other mental health difficulties you are advised to seek individual or couples’ therapy. For couples therapy Emotionally Focussed Therapy (EFT) is highly recommended

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