Reflective space

Reflective space is made up of attachment-informed, trauma sensitive sessions that offer professionals protected time to connect, reflect and learn within a safe and confidential space.

Reflective space is open to practitioners at all levels and can take place either online or in person. Sessions are available to individuals or groups of a maximum of 12 participants. Timings of sessions can be flexible and based on the needs of your organisation.

Sessions are led by trained TouchBase specialists with knowledge and experience of applying attachment-informed, trauma sensitive approaches within a variety of settings.

Reflective space sessions draw on key principles of an attachment-informed, trauma sensitive approach. These principles should form the core components of the relationship between the facilitator and practitioner/s as well as mirroring what we would hope to promote within attachment-informed, trauma sensitive environments.

Capacity: Up to 12, online or in person, please contact us for costs.