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Julia Wilde

Julia Wilde – Education, Training and Community Team

Julia is a Strategic Attachment Lead teacher and is part of the TouchBase™ team. With a background teaching in Secondary Education and experience in the Primary setting, her work in schools has focused on inclusion and supporting vulnerable students. Julia has completed and continues to follow the recommended pathway for TIE (Trauma Informed Education).

Julia completed the modular course to become an Attachment Lead and is an active member of the Attachment Lead network. As part of the TouchBase™ Team she provides a variety of training and support provisions for Primary and Secondary schools throughout Sussex and beyond.

As part of the Education Team, Julia facilitates the Seguridad model of support, which is rooted in Attachment Aware and Trauma Responsive theory and practice. At its heart is the idea that relational health is the key to recovery. Seguridad involves working closely with the home and school team around the child. A detailed FactFile is created describing what the child has lived to date, their relational health – both past and present, any resilience factors and their stressors and calmers.  Key areas are identified to plan long term attachment-aware, trauma-responsive, creative tools and interventions to support regulation, strengthen relationship and help settle the child/young person into their home and school.  

Training delivered includes the 7 Day Attachment Lead course, Bespoke AATR (Attachment Aware Trauma Responsive) courses and single day whole school AATR training such for INSET.

Julia works directly with children and young people, together with their Key Adult and parents/carers on an allotment project, Plot 22, where activities facilitate and encourage connection for those who have experienced disruptions, relational trauma and loss.

At TouchBase™ Julia runs several Team Pupil support groups for adults in education working with young people who have experienced relational loss and trauma. The sessions are a time for both training and reflection. Julia is also available for bespoke educational consultations to discuss AATR approaches for students.

Julia has completed Level 1 Theraplay ® one to one and group training, enabling her to use the principles when working with those who have experienced relational loss and relational trauma.

Julia incorporates DDP Informed practice (Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy) into her work, having attended DDP Level 1 training and applies the core principles into her TouchBase™ support. In particular, the adoption of P.A.C.E.- Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy (Dan Hughes).

As part of an extensive and ongoing CPD, Julia has completed a Sensory Attachment Intervention 2- day introductory course for professionals and Level 1 BUSS training (Building Underdeveloped Sensorimotor Systems).

Julia has attended training in ‘dissociation’ with a focus on ‘The fundamentals of Dissociation and DID’, Trauma, Dissociation and Recovery’ and ‘Working with Relational Trauma’ delivered by Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors.

Julia started to specialise in the area of SEN while in a teaching post in London. Following further training, she was delegated to work as an Assistant SENCO. She went on to set up and ran an alternative education facility as part of a mainstream school’s inclusion department. The facility was for students with a variety of needs including SEMH, aged 11 to 14. Julia planned and delivered creative sessions using a flexible and enhanced curriculum. She has also worked in the Primary setting with children in Key Stage 1 and 2 who have difficulty settling to learn in the classroom.

Julia began to focus on supporting those who have experienced relational loss and trauma while volunteering on a Brighton based art project “Walk a mile in my shoes”. The exhibition allowed a group of young people to express their experience of troubled relationships, trauma, loss and the emotions surrounding being fostered or adopted.

Julia believes that through Attachment Aware Trauma Informed approaches, connection can be made to vulnerable students, bringing regulation, felt safety and so enables access to education. Connection is an essential part of trauma recovery.

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