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Maisie is a young apricot cockapoo who is part of the TouchBase™ team. Maisie provides therapeutic support to some of our children and young people in the therapy room, at Plot 22 and out and about in local schools in Brighton & Hove and around Sussex.

When she is not working she is either out, in the beautiful surrounding countryside, enjoying walks and ball play or taking a nap under Louise’s desk. She has always enjoyed the energy and playfulness of children and so especially loves joining in with Theraplay® outdoors, providing engagement and challenge. She seems to know how important ‘sensitive attunement’ is and tunes in beautifully to a child’s regulating needs and responds by getting them grounded or energised, as appropriate.

She is very nurturing, enjoying cuddles and strokes and may even curl up on your lap if she senses you may need some comfort. Many of the children we work with have been wounded in relationship with people. Maisie knows how to form a bridge to help trust to be restored so that special people who are worth trusting can be trusted. Maisie loves being alive and is always up for learning new things and shows children what can happen if she keeps practising something!

If you want to find out more about Maisie’s availability please contact her fellow traveller Louise on

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