One day DDP PACE training for Educators




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The training is an introduction to PACE & focuses on helping education professionals to develop an attitude of PACE, as part of their practice. It covers the following elements:

1. Why children who have experienced developmental trauma, behave in the ways they do.

2. The impact of developmental trauma that leads to children needing a different parenting/teaching approach, involving PACE alongside behavioural support. This includes the impact of relational trauma on brain development.

3. Exploring each part of PACE in turn – Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy. Looking at what each one is (and what it is not) and developing
PACE as a way of being able to build relationship security, rather than as a technique to modify behaviour.

4. Exploring the caring capacities education staff need to help traumatised children to thrive & settle to learn – reflective capacity, mind-mindedness, good self-regulation abilities & ability to notice defensive responding and to move back into open and engaged states.

5. How to use this connection alongside behavioural support & deliver discipline with empathy.

6. The importance of self-care for professionals and understanding the concept of blocked care.


Tickets: £120 per person, including handouts

Delivered via Zoom


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