Henrieta Kuhudzai

Training Events Co-ordinator

Henrieta Kuhudzai

I am honoured to be a member of the TouchBase™ team. I work with a team of trainers and therapists who are warm and value people, each playing their part to restore dignity to children who would otherwise be misunderstood. I am convinced that with each training booking made, many children have a chance to write a new story for themselves and generations to come, stopping the effects of trauma and toxic stress from being passed on to the next generation. I am inspired, from the number of enquiries we receive, by the fact that many who work with children are aware that they can make a difference in educating and supporting vulnerable children to settle to learn.

I have a business degree, where I majored in Economics and Management. Within my first four months with TouchBase™, I received the two-day training myself; Day 1 ‘Inside I’m Hurting’ and Day 2 ‘What About Me?’ I feel this has really informed my understanding of recovery. I receive ongoing CPD with the rest of the TouchBase™ team which informs my understanding of young people in general, especially those who have experienced some level of trauma or stress.

I started my work life working in financial services where I used my administration skills to ensure that payments were settled and investments administered appropriately. Although, I thoroughly enjoyed this work, I was drawn by the question of why there were differences in economic fortunes. My journey led me to the conclusion that social factors may sometimes affect the level of economic standing reached. This led me into development economics, where I studied and analysed how to develop the economies of various districts in Southern Africa. I then moved on to applying for funding for Brighton-based charities and during my maternity leave, I met Louise Bombèr. I concluded, that the TouchBase™ team work to resolve attachment difficulty, a social factor, to help children to grow to be functional adults who in turn can contribute to their local communities and nation.

I co-ordinate training events, ensuring that each school, local authority or adoption agency is aware of the training TouchBase™ provides. I manage the trainers’ diaries, each available on specific days of the week to deliver training as they are full-time educational practitioners working with children and young people in classrooms, schools and the therapy room. I look forward to the time when all schools and school staff, foster carers, adoptive parents and those in contact with hurting children will have accessed the excellent training we offer based on Louise Michelle Bombèr’s books and her ongoing work in Attachment, Child Development and Neuroscience.