Jonathan Cave

Therapist and Specialist Teacher

Jonathan Cave - Therapist and Specialist Teacher

Jonathan Cave is both a Specialist Teacher and a Therapist. He has considerable experience and expertise in working with both children and adults.

He believes that the challenges of the present originate from difficulties within the formative years as a child. He uses his specialist knowledge of Child Development and curiosity to underpin his work when working with children and adolescents at Touchbase.

Jonathan has an extensive understanding and knowledge of working with those who are adopted and fostered who have experienced relational trauma & loss, and who present with insecurity in a number of ways at home, within a school setting and out and about in community. He is passionate that these children receive the inclusive and tailored support that they need, in order to enable them to flourish as individuals.

Jonathan works within both the education and therapy teams of Touchbase to support children and young people into learned security so that they can function well within different contexts. He offers individual therapy, therapeutic parenting and Seguridad Plus at this time. He works in an integrative way, using Theraplay, DDP and SAI Informed practice within his work, as well as psychodynamic principles. He supports all those around a child or young person to provide the rich, relational contexts that they need, in order to thrive.

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