Julia Wilde

Strategic Attachment Lead Teacher

Julia Wilde

Julia is a Strategic Attachment Lead teacher across Sussex and part of the TouchBase™ team. With a background teaching in Secondary Education, her experience of working in schools has focused on inclusion and supporting vulnerable students.

Julia completed the modular course to become an Attachment Lead and is an active member of the Attachment Lead network. As part of the TouchBase™ Team she provides a variety of support provisions for Primary and Secondary schools throughout Sussex. Julia completes developmental trauma assessments using the Seguridad Assessment Model. She also creates individual development plans from an educational perspective which contain long term attachment aware support strategies. The process enables the compilation of a fact file, which provides the team around the child with a concise document of the young person’s experiences, triggers and effective support strategies.

Julia works directly with children and young people with attachment difficulties together with their Key Adult and parents/carers on an allotment project, Plot 22, where activities encourage connection for those who have experienced relational trauma and loss. The adoption of P.A.C.E.- Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy (an approach encouraged by Dan Hughes) runs throughout all the attachment aware support.

At TouchBase™ Julia runs a number of support groups for Key Adults, in different educational roles, who are working with young people who have experienced relational loss and trauma. She also has contributed to whole school training events and is available for educational consultations to discuss attachment aware approaches for students.

Julia has completed training in Theraplay®. One to one and group activities encourage connection, fun, trust and proximity between a child and their key adult. Julia is able to facilitate Theraplay Informed Practice sessions in school drawing from the principles of engagement, nurture, structure and challenge.

Julia has attended training in dissociation with a focus on ‘Trauma, Dissociation and Recovery’ and ‘Working with Relational Trauma’ delivered by Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors.

Julia started to specialise in the area of SEN while in a teaching post in London. Following further training in the area of SEN, she was delegated to work as an Assistant SENCO. Julia went on to set up and ran an alternative education facility as part of the inclusion department. The facility was for students with a variety of emotional, behavioural and social needs, aged 11 to 14. Vulnerable, disaffected or volatile students could gain access and receive the necessary one to one and small group support essential to enable them to settle and learn in the whole school setting. Julia planned and delivered creative sessions using a flexible and enhanced curriculum.

Julia began to focus on supporting those with Attachment difficulties while volunteering on a Brighton based art project “Walk a mile in my shoes”. The exhibition allowed a group of young people to express their experience of troubled relationships, trauma, loss and the emotions surrounding being fostered or adopted.

Julia’s first hand experience of supporting vulnerable students has seen that sensitive, attuned care which enables regulation, is a foundation to learning and therefore a priority. Julia believes that with good planning, training and creativity, connection can be made to vulnerable students allowing them to access education.