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Leanne Tory

Training Coordinator

Leanne Tory Training Coordinator

Leanne has many years of experience working in administration and delivering training for charities, local authorities, and large corporations, where she developed insight, creative ideas, and solutions in her approach to working for organisations. At TouchBase, she co-ordinates all the training events, ensuring that each school, local authority and organisation is supported to facilitate high quality training, as well as the tricky task of managing all our Practitioners’ individual diaries.

Leanne has also worked as both a paid and volunteer tutor for self-management health courses on behalf of a charity which was later adopted by the NHS, qualified later in life as nurse, and until recently worked full time as an oncology nurse for the NHS in Brighton where, in a stressful but rewarding system, she learned many useful transferable skills such as advocating for others, active listening, empathy, prioritisation, and delegation.

She is delighted to be a member of the TouchBase™ team, working alongside the education therapy and training teams, each playing their part to restore dignity to children who would otherwise be misunderstood. She looks forward to the time when policy and practice is updated across the UK in line with the latest research in child development, attachment and neuroscience.

If you are interested in any of our local support groups in Brighton and Bristol, our two-day foundational AATI courses or our seven-day intensive course for Attachment Leads, please contact Leanne at leanne@touchbase.org.uk. New for 2019 Respecting Biology, a neurodevelopmental approach to supporting hurting children, covering the polyvagal theory and its application in school