Ruth Dudman

Trainee Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychotherapist

Ruth is a deeply empathic and creative trainee therapist in the final year of her MA in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy. She studies at one of the UK’s leading training organisations Terapia, which together with her professional experience qualifies her to work across all age groups, including with adults and parents. Ruth also holds a Post Graduate Certificate from the Institute of Therapy in Arts and Education and is a trainee member of UKCP.

Ruth’s work is non–judgmental and relational, and she gently guides her clients as they come to lead their own process. Ruth is particularly passionate about supporting clients who have experienced trauma in their early lives and relationships, and works with her clients to explore how these experiences may be impacting them into their adolescence and adulthood. Ruth uses her in depth understanding of infant development to inform and inspire her work with children and adults alike. She believes tending to unprocessed trauma around these foundational experiences can create freedom and healing whatever age we come to find therapy at.

In her integrative practice, Ruth brings together a range of theories from attachment theory, psychoanalytic thinking, play and art therapy and neuro-scientific developments. She is experienced in working with clients struggling with issues related to fostering and adoption, grief, neglect, trauma and abuse.

Ruth’s background in the arts, where she commissioned and delivered projects across the UK in cultural, community and education settings has given her 15 years of specialist experience in using the arts’ participatory nature to support children, young people and their parent’s mental health. Using creativity to underpin the therapeutic process is at the heart of her practice, and she is passionate about its potential to enable meaningful change.

When working with young people Ruth works compassionately with the adults surrounding a child and recognises the significance of working collaboratively. She is deeply committed in her support of all members of the family to move through what can be incredibly difficult and worrying periods. She works to develop a safe environment where people can explore their experiences and themselves. She believes addressing issues around difference with openness, courage and compassion enables her to do so.

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