Tania Druce

Therapy Lead, Strategic Therapeutic Attachment Lead & Psychotherapist

Tania is a UKCP accredited Integrative Child Psychotherapist, specialising in working with children and adolescents who have experienced relational and developmental trauma and loss. She qualified from the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education and the Centre for Child Mental Health with a MA in Integrative Child Psychotherapy, a PGDIP in the Therapeutic and Educational Application of the Arts and a PGCert in Child Counselling Using the Arts. She also holds a BSc in Psychology and a Diploma in Therapeutic Child Care and Education. Tania has undertaken further training in Theraplay and become a Therapeutic Attachment Lead for education to support her work in both therapy and education.

She has a long background of providing therapeutic support to young people in need, looked after, fostered and adopted. She worked for a number of years as part of the management team for a Therapeutic Children’s home, providing support to young people who had suffered relational trauma and loss and whose needs required a more specialist residential provision. As a therapist, she has worked in a variety of primary and secondary schools across Sussex and also privately, providing therapeutic support and consultation, within residential care. Her work with TouchBase™ includes providing individual therapy to children and adolescents, Theraplay® Informed Practice with children and families, carrying out developmental trauma assessments within education, and overseeing the attachment strengthening work on Plot 22, a therapeutic allotment project developed to strengthen and nurture relationships between children and key adults from home and school.

She is relational in her approach and integrates key psychodynamic and attachment theories, as well as an understanding of the neurobiology of relationships and trauma, to support her thinking. She uses PACE and Theraplay® Informed Practice, alongside sensory and creative interventions, in her work with children and families to support integration, regulation and strengthen connection. She has a strong understanding of and belief in, the developmentally reparative and healing nature of play, creativity and relationships. Tania keeps abreast of all the latest developments in child development, attachment and neuroscience through ongoing training as part of her continued professional development.

Tania is passionate about early intervention and holistic working. She has experience of working alongside parents, carers, education staff and other professionals, to support placement permanency and nurture attachment relationships. Tania will be taking referrals for dyadic developmental psychotherapy (DDP) from July 2017.