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Flying Free

This is a short course for parents and carers of adolescents. Adolescence can be a difficult time for all parents, but young people who have suffered developmental and relational trauma can be especially demanding at this stage.

Parents and carers have invested hard work, devotion and sacrifice for their children and it can be especially hard to ‘hang on in there’ when their adolescents seem to hate them, reject them or to be engaged in risky and/or aggressive behaviours. Alternatively, parents may be finding their youngsters have become more withdrawn, clingy and vulnerable – or indeed may be swinging between all these states and behaviours.

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This course aims to help parents and carers to gain a deeper insight into why their youngsters are behaving like this and what can be done to restore balance and hope in the lives of the parents or carers. Over seven sessions, parents and carers will get a sense of how to honour the emerging adult in their child and to maximise the potential their children have to be independent, responsible and to eventually fly free! The course can be run 1:1, with two parents/carers or in a group context with an integrative child psychotherapist.

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