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We realise that in order to be education staff who are attachment aware and trauma responsive that we need to be physically and emotionally present, attentive, attuned and responsive to our pupils. Working in the school system is stressful. We realise that we need to engage in self care in order to be the best we can be. We therefore partner up with Do Be Mindful ( and recommend this tried and tested pathway for all of those involved in Team Pupil at school, that we get alongside here at TouchBase. Do Be Minful Logo

Through the practice of mindfulness, teachers can establish ways to calm and nourish their own nervous system, which in turn pervades a message of safety to the child they are with. Over a 5 week course, guides adults though the principals and practice of mindfulness, ensuring a clear understanding and the opportunity to experience the benefits such as reduced stress and learning how to be less reactive.

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