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Gemma Mallyon

Specialist Teacher & Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist

Gemma is an Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and Specialist Teacher working on both the therapy and education teams to support trauma recovery.  She trained at The Institute for Arts and Therapy in Education where her training utilised a range of neuroscientific and psychotherapeutic theory.  Before training as a Psychotherapist Gemma worked as a Teacher in schools for 12 years.  Whilst working in this capacity she held various management roles including being Key Stage One lead in a three-form entry school.

Gemma’s background of working in an educational setting has given her a strong foundation to understand children’s needs and the conditions that enable them to achieve their full potential.  She appreciates that talking about feelings and lived experiences can be difficult and so uses a variety of creative media including the use of sand play, art and storytelling.  Gemma prides herself in providing a safe and contained therapy space, whereby children and young people are supported to process life experiences, as well as be curious about the way things are now in relation to these, particularly where these involve trauma and loss.

Gemma is very adept at working alongside parents, carers, teachers, teaching assistants, Individual Needs Assistants, SENDCOs and other professionals, to provide a nurturing environment for children.  She values the team around the child, recognising the significance adults play in supporting trauma recovery.  Gemma believes that it is in the context of relationships with others that children experience and learn their sense of self and self – regulation. She is passionate that every child should be given the opportunity to be in safe, fulfilling relationships to know their value and worth in the world.

Gemma knows the benefit in empowering the adults around a child to understand the importance of them as a secure base for children to explore the world.  Gemma recognises the impact adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can have on the way relationships are built and that it is often on becoming a parent that our own childhood relationships are brought to light.  Gemma offers DDP informed practice and our Seguridad intervention in order to support trauma recovery. She believes in the power of supporting families to become more attachment aware and trauma informed, both to support their relationship with their child, as well as instil healthy attachment patterns in their child.

Gemma believes that life experiences should be accepted with empathy and that it is in connecting with others that we heal and grow.

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