We are passionate about the whole community understanding about the impact of relational trauma and loss upon the body and the mind of a child. We are also passionate about ensuring that both policy and practice are updated, in line with the latest research in attachment, child development and neuroscience.

Our practice is especially informed by the work of Dr Bruce Perry, Dr Daniel Siegel, Dr Dan Hughes, Dr Stephen Porges & Dr Gabor Mate. We are keen to equip all to play their part in recovery as it takes a village to raise a child. We provide local and national support.

Our trainings are all delivered by highly skilled practitioners currently working in this field so they can bring lots of examples from their ongoing practice with children and young people. We will come to you wherever you are if you are willing to host us! We need relational activists in this area to ensure true inclusion.

Level 1

Inside I’m Hurting

Level 2

What about me?


Know Me to Teach Me

Respecting Biology – Neurodevelopmental approach to supporting hurting children

Advanced Level

Attachment Lead Course

Bespoke Attachment Aware &
Trauma Responsive Certificate

Trauma Responsive Education