Respecting Biology: The Neurodevelopmental Approach to Supporting Hurting Children – Intermediate Level


Together we will explore the impact that of adverse childhood experiences upon the body & the mind so that we can consider the regulation needs of these pupils in school. We will reflect upon one of the biggest asks for traumatised children – ‘felt safety’. We will consider the Polyvagal Theory and how significant it is for understanding how children will function best in school. We will discover how we can all support ‘felt safety’, increasing their window of stress tolerance by sensitive, attuned and responsive care. There will be opportunities to experiment together first using different types of sensory interventions. We will reflect on the importance of respecting biology so that all have the opportunity to function well in the school context. Until we do this many pupils will be at risk of being misunderstood, isolated, secluded and excluded from the very place that could offer them opportunities for growth. Let’s respect all our pupils have lived and honour what minds and bodies need in order to thrive. Let’s be trauma responsive in our schools. We can all make a difference and support children and young people into recovery and being in a position to be able to settle to learn.


One full day Registration at 9am. Start 9.15am – 3.30pm

Friday 29th November 2024

Tickets: £125 per person, including handouts

Delivered via Zoom


About the Tutor:

Louise Michelle Bombèr is qualified as both a specialist teacher, a therapist and a DDP certified practitioner. She is the Founding Director of TouchBase Centre CiC in Brighton. The aims of TouchBase are to support those who have experienced adverse childhood experiences to function well at home, in their schools and out in community. Louise and her team offer a range of support services for children and young adults (5 to 25) who have experienced significant relational traumas and losses to move towards learned security and recovery. They also support family, friends and professionals around these children.

Louise has a wealth of lived experience as both an adoptive parent and as a professional. As well as having written many articles, she is the author of the very popular book ‘Inside I’m Hurting’, now translated into French and Italian. She also wrote ‘What About Me?’. Louise contributed to the book ‘Teenagers & Attachment’. She has co-authored ‘Settling Troubled Pupils to Learn: Why Relationships Matter in School’ together with Dan Hughes. Louise contributed to a specialist family law book ‘Capacity to Change’ outlining what needs to be considered for traumatized children and their lives in school. More recently Louise has written the ‘Attachment Aware Schools Series – Bridging the gap for troubled pupils’ to support schools to create effective small teams around pupils – Team Pupil. Her most recent books are ‘Know Me to Teach Me’, a book that advocates for differentiated discipline in schools using the latest findings in child development and neuroscience. Along with ‘Working with Relational Trauma in Schools: An Educator’s Guide to Using Dyadic Developmental Practice’ co-authored with Dr Sian Phillips and Dr Kim Golding.