Coming Out of Lockdown

Post this Pandemic

Post this Pandemic

A Trauma Informed Perspective from TouchBase

The news that we will be coming out of lockdown has brought a wave of relief to many of us. The idea that life might finally “go back to normal” can feel like a ray of sunshine after a long winter. Here at TouchBase we are aware that for many children and young people who have experienced early trauma, this will simply be yet another change in an already very long line of changes. Ideas about “catching up” and “lost learning” may create an anxiety-inducing red herring and distract from what is most important for children and young people who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): SAFETY. That is why we believe it is vital that our children and young people receive additional support from an attachment aware and trauma  responsive perspective to help them navigate this time.

Lockdown has taken its toll, and coming out of lockdown means that worlds that have been small, suddenly become large again, perhaps overwhelmingly so. For our children, this overwhelm might present in many different ways: separation anxiety, school refusal, increased agitation and high energy, increased anger and need for control. Seeing these behaviours through an attachment aware and trauma informed lens, and being trauma responsive in our support will be vital for our children and young people to come out of lockdown and live well. It is imperative that those in education consider consulting with trauma specialists to advise and support not only pupils, but staff too.

Here at TouchBase we offer a range of attachment aware and trauma responsive support, from training, to developmental trauma interventions, from support groups to therapy. The global pandemic has been a huge challenge for all of us, and those children and young people who have experienced trauma, for whom this has been an even bigger challenge because of that early trauma, deserve the most specialist support possible.

We are determined to support our children and young people from a trauma informed perspective to not just survive this change, but to thrive.

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The government guidance on coming out of lockdown can be found here:

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